There is a deep desire that lingers like a mist on a lake in the morning...

Most of our needs are connected to one of our truly deepest desires; to know the truth about what is really going on.

Firstly, you cannot believe information is actually true unless you research it, so don't believe me blindly, verify it for yourself.
The following are examples of such questions that can be answered ONLY if you first understand that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. The phrase 'there is nothing to fear but fear itself' has been overused, but it is actually that simple:  For anything to change, and not continue day after day, the following questions need to be addressed.
  • Why don't politicians & the media educate the public about how racism is ridiculous, and that one should not judge someone by the color of their skin, age, language or gender, but by the content of their character? We are all one, the same red blood flows in all our veins. If a god created us, this god would not want us fighting & killing each other due to religious beliefs. 
  • Why are wars escalating when the majority of people do not want war?
  • Why are our freedoms being eradicated before our eyes, as most people continue to bath in the rank sea of apathy?
  • Why are governments suppressing clean energy technology, allowing environmental degradation to continue, while then offering the so-called 'solution' of carbon taxes & administration of sterilizing chemicals in the water with the excuse of population control?
  • Why are we treated like objects, products and numbers by the system? 
  • Why do people instinctively laugh at others who speak of this information even in the face of all the evidence? Metaphorically, it's quite funny; we have beans all over the floor, (someone spilled the beans), we have elephants in our living room that are ignored, and we have everyone with their heads in the sand like Ostriges, but the reality of what is going on is no laughing matter.
People are conditioned from a young age to see this control structure as the norm consciously & subconsciously by the education system & the images on television, due to our herd mentality.
We are far removed from our true destiny as a whole human species and we need to get back in contact with our true spirituality. We have been robbed of our true potentials.
The plethora of issues that affect every aspect of our lives are clearly not simply due to human greed.
It's not about money, it's about power.
The globalist elite know exactly what they are doing, and they love it when people assume they are incompetent because people end up asking for a solution to the problem which was intentionally created.
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Down the rabbit hole we go, learning about how this all started.

  • Who built the pyramids?
  • Who built the monolith on the moon of Mars? 
  • Why have all leaders interbred throughout history, maintaining a specific genetic code?
  • Are all the credible people that have recently reported seeing UFOs (clearly alien space craft, not just an unidentified flying object) all having a mass hallucination? Many of the witnesses who had come forward in the 2001 disclosure project that took place at the NPC in DC are fully credible individuals who have proven their case that the shadow government is suppressing most fundamental questions that our souls beckon answers for...
to be continued....